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Dr. David Thomason has been practicing psychology since 1985.  Well known to the Monroe community, Dr. Thomason takes a holistic approach in helping his patients, always seeking the most effective and safest treatments for each individual problem.

Dr. Thomason has received training in clinical and medical psychology, as well as alternative medicine. He is licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. He offers medical psychology and acupuncture.


There are so many alternative approaches today for different conditions. When do patients know which approach is the best for their situation?  My first goal is to remove any barriers to wellness and watch nature work.  Some of my patients feel better with lifestyle changes, acupuncture and counseling.  Others take a more comprehensive approach with laboratory and biomarker testing.  Some need additional psychological testing.  I never take progress for granted with a written prescription alone. The road to wellness takes daily commitment to patient care and support that goes beyond the office visit.  My commitment is a prescription for health that gives each person a renewed sense of wellbeing.

                 Prescription for Wellness